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Intellectual Property

U.S. Patent Office Documents at CSL

U.S. Patent Office Documents at CSL Coverage
Classifications Definitions
Federal Document Collection C21.3/2
Revised to date.
Classification Listings
Federal Document Collection C21.31/3
1790 to date.
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 37-Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
Law Collection KF70.A3
Latest in Law Reading Room
Index of U.S. Patents
Federal Document Collection C21.5/2 [Paper]
Federal Document Collection C21.5/7 [DVD] ???
1872 to latest
Manual of Classification
Federal Document Collection C21.12:982
Manual of Patent Examining Procedure / electronic                                                                      Law Collection KF3120.A4                             Federal Document Collection C21.15            Hein Online Manual of Patent Examining Procedure Library. 1st-8th editions; 1949-July 2008. [electronic resource] Latest in Law Collection
Patent attorneys and agents registered ... / USPTO. [electronic resource]
Federal Document Collection C21.9/2 [microfiche]
Law Collection KF3165.A3 A87
Latest in Federal Document Collection
Patents CLASS
Federal Documents Collection C21.31/3  [DVD "Cassis"]
1790 to date.
USAPAT: facsimile images of U.S. patents
Federal Document Collection C21.31:US-1996 [
1996 to date.
USPTO Full Text and Data Base Image / United States Patent and Trademark Office.  [electronic resource] Full-text, 1976 to date;                                                                       Full page images, 1790 to date.
United States Code, Title 35-Patents, Laws
Law Collection KF62 .A2 U5
Revised to date.
U.S. Official Gazette
Federal Document Collection C21.5 [
microfiche, paper, & DVD]
1872 to date.
Official Gazette Notices [electronic resource] Scroll down to "browse year" to access issues Weekly

U.S. Patent Specifications and Drawings: facsimile images
Federal Document Collection C21.23

1790 to December 1963 (vol. 797)
United States Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries within two hours of Hartford

The W.E.B. Du Bois Library at UMass Amherst

Boston Public Library

New York Public Library, New York City

New York State Library at Albany

Providence (R.I.) Public Library

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island