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1890 Connecticut Census Material

Location of Connecticut Information included in the 1890 Census:


Title  [online version underlined]

Location in State Library Collections

Connecticut Population by Minor Civil Divisions, Bureau of the Census Bulletin number 58.  (Scroll through to Bulletin 58 for CT data) I 12.3:58
Report of the Population of the United States at the Eleventh Census: 1890.  CT begins in page 80 and throughout the volume I 12.5:1/reprint
Compendium of the Eleventh Census 1890.  Table 3, CT begins on pg. 83. I 12.2:C 73/1
Historical Census Browser, 1790-1960 posted  by the University of Virginia Library  

Questions asked on the 1890 Census:

Title [online version underlined]

Location in the State Library Collections

Measuring America the Decennial Censuses for 1790-2000 GIRS Reference C 3.2:M46/2
200 Years of U.S. Census Taking: population and housing questions 1790-1990 GIRS Reference C 3.2:T 93

 1890 Census data for Connecticut is available for these geographic areas:

(Note that not all data is available for all geographic areas)

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