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Connecticut's Constitutions

This Connecticut State Library Pathfinder provides links to Connecticut's constitutional documents and history.

Connecticut's Four Constitutions
A two-part monograph authored by Henry Cohn and Wesley Horton

Documents of Connecticut Government: The Connecticut Constitution and its Antecedents
Compiled by the Office of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut

Fundamental Orders – 1638
Text of the document considered to be Connecticut's first constitution

Charter of the Colony of Connecticut -1662
The governing document granted to the colony by King Charles II of England

Connecticut State Constitution - 1818
Connecticut’s first constitution drafted and adopted under a constitutional convention

Connecticut State Constitution - 1965
The current constitution of the State of Connecticut, as amended

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of Connecticut, 1965

Connecticut State Constitution - 1965 – Legislative History of Amendments
Legislative history information for constitutional amendments adopted between 1965 and 2008.

Connecticut Constitutional Conventions -
Office of Legislative Research (OLR) 2008 report about the history of constitutional conventions in Connecticut, and the process involved in undertaking and conducting a convention.


Prepared by the Law/Legislative Reference Unit, revised February 2009.