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Intellectual Property

U. S.  Trademark Office Publications at CSL

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Publications at CSL Coverage
Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Trademarks. [Federal Document Collection C 21.5/4 (Paper and Microfiche)] 1971 to date.
Trademarks Assist. CD-ROM [Federal Document Collection C 21.31/10: ]1997-June 2002
Trademarks BIB. DVD-ROM [Federal Document Collection C 21.31/18 ]2001 to date.
Trademark electronic search system (TESS)  [electronic resource]
Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) / Washington, D.C.: Department of Commerce, Patent and Trademark Office, to date.
[KF3181.A2 U55] also [Federal Documents Collection C 21.14/2: T67/ ]
Latest in Law Collection
United States Code, Title 15 Trademarks. [Law Collection KF62.A6 U5 2000] To date.
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 37, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights. [KF70.A3] Latest in Law Reference
General Statutes of Connecticut. Title 35: Trade Regulations, Trademarks, and Collective and Certification Marks. [KFC3630 1958 .A24, rev. to 2009]Latest in Law Reference
Trademark Register. 1986-2003.  [T223.V4A27] Latest in Government Information Reference Services
Annual Index of Trademarks  [Federal Document Collection C21.5/3] 1927 -1997
Standard directory of advertisers. Tradename Index. 1988-
Latest in Government Information Reference Services
Trademarks throughout the world. [ K1411.R38 ]Revised to 1978