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Intellectual Property

Treaties and International Agreements:

Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) / World Trade Organization  [JX65.I5 vol. 33 in 33 International Legal Materials 1125, 1197 (1994)]

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works : message from the President of the United States transmitting the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of September 9, 1886, completed at Paris on May 4, 1896, revised at Berlin on November 13, 1908 , completed at Berne on March 20, 1914, and revised at Rome on June 2, 1928, at Brussels on June 26, 1948, at Stockholm on July 14, 1967, and at Paris on July 24, 1971 and amended in 1979 .  [Federal Document Y1.1/4:99-27]

Conference for the Revision of the Universal Copyright Convention (Paris: 1971). Records, UNESCO House, Paris, 5 to 24 July 1971.   Paris: UNESCO, 1973.  [K1415.A24 .R42]

International Legal Materials. Washington, D.C.: American Society of International Law, 1962 to present.  [JX68.I5]

International Legal Materials on Intellectual Property / Paul Goldstein. New York: NY: Foundation Press, c2000.  [K1401.A35 G65 2000]

International Regulatory Devices: Legal Research Guides to the European Union Data Protection Directive and the Convention on Biological Diversity / by Joshua S. Bauchner and Rekha Ramani. Buffalo, N.Y.: W.S. Hein, 2001.   [K85.B38 2001]1]

Monthly Bulletin of European Documentation. Luxembourg, European Parliament .  [JN32.M66]

Patent Law Treaty and regulations under Patent Law Treaty : report (to accompany Treaty doc. 109-12).  [Washington, D.C. : U.S.G.P.O., 2007]     [Federal Documents Collection Y1.1/6:110-6 paper and microfiche]

Protocol relating to Madrid Agreement Concerning International Registration of Marks adopted at Madrid June 27, 1989, entered into force on December 1, 1995. [electronic resource]

Universal Copyright Convention Project Gutenberg.[electronic resource]

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty, 1996.  [KF2991.5.N5 1978 vol. CR1 in Nimmer on Copyright]

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Performances and Phonograms Treaty, Dec. 20, 1996. [Federal Document. Senate Treaty Document No. 105-17 (1997)] [JX65.I5 vol. 36 in 36 International Legal Materials: 65(1997)] [KF2991.5.N5 1978 vol CR1 [in Nimmer on Copyright]