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Vital Records from Private Sources

Records from private sources such as diaries, letters, account books, and sextons' records are abstracted on yellow slips, interfiled in part with the Barbour Collection and in part with the Church Records Index.

Bound volumes following the format of the Barbour Collection's bound volumes were also prepared. Typed originals are in State Archives Record Group 72:5, Boxes 23-24. Some carbon copies are bound in blue and are shelved near the Barbour bound volumes; others have been cataloged and are shelved with published book collections or with cataloged manuscripts.

At the bottom of each slip there is a citation to the original source from which the information was obtained: town, volume, and page. Although there is normally no more information in the original records than what appears in the abstract on the slip, researchers desiring to see the original context may consult some records on microfilms, which were produced by the Genealogical Society of Utah and are available for use at the Connecticut State Library or through LDS Family History Centers.

Records which have not been microfilmed are available for use in-house through the State Archives. See the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections Materials.

Prepared by the History and Genealogy Department, Connecticut State Library, 11-96.