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Standard Paper For Permanent Record

To: Administrative Heads Of Municipalities, Town Clerks, Registrars Of Vital Records, Custodians Of Public Records
From: Eunice G. DiBella, Public Records Administrator
Re: Connecticut General Statute 1-9: Standard Paper For Permanent Records
Date: April 1, 1991

The statute governing the requirement for standard paper for permanent records has been changed. All permanent records must be printed on alkaline (acid free) paper.

This office will no longer prepare a list of approved papers to be used for the recording of permanent records. Instead, we have developed specifications that must be adhered to. These requirements are as follows:

Minimum specifications include

Paper Stock - 100% cotton or linen rag.

pH - Extract pH in the range from 7.5 to 9.5.

Alkaline Filler - Equivalent to 2% calcium carbonate, based on oven-dry weight of finished paper.

Tear Resistance - Minimum as established in ASTM D3290 Table 1 for ledger paper of chosen weight.

Fold Endurance - ANSI Z 39.48 minimum cross-direction folding endurance of 30 double folds at 1-kg. tension (30-60 lb. paper ). (25 replicates in accordance with TAPPI T511.)

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