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Constitution, Courts, and Individual Liberties

Spotlight on the Law Collection at the Connecticut State Library offers a close-up look at a specific subject area within the library's law collection. This Spotlight focuses on books dealing with "Constitution, Courts, and Individual Liberties". We have selected books that are either recent acquisitions and/or based on timely and unique topics. Please click on the images below for a brief synopsis of the corresponding title.

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The Alchemy of Race and Rights

America's Jeffersonian Experiment

Belonging to the World

Case Dismissed!

The Case for Black Reparations

Censorship and Silencing

Citizenship Without Consent

Colonial Origins of the American Constitution

A Community Built on Words

Constitutional Amendments: 1789 to Present

The Constitution and Its Amendments

Rights, Liberties, and Justice

Constitutional Politics

Critical Race Theory

Homosexuality and the Law

Crusaders & Criminals, Victims & Visionaries

Freedom of Speech

Free Expression in America

The Implosion of American Federalism

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution

Institutional Powers and Constraints

Keeping the People's Liberties

Making Civil Rights Law

New Constitutional Order

Origins of the Bill of Rights


United States Supreme Court Decisions

Rainbow Rights

State Constitutions of the United States

Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America

The Supreme Court and Individual Rights

Understanding Constitutional Issues

For the People

When the Nazis Came to Skokie

The Constitution in Congress

Compiled by Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Steve Mirsky, 11/2004.