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A Genealogical Tool Kit

Ideally, one can walk into any research facility with no other tools than a pencil and a sheet of paper. In practice, research is a foray into unknown conditions and locations, as well as a search for unknown information, and often involves trips of some distance. Long and hard experience has taught genealogists that it is necessary to be prepared to meet situations that may affect the enjoyment and success of the research time. In order that beginning family history researchers may not be caught unprepared, we list here some items that patrons have suggested as helpful to have along on that important research trip, as well as some that our own experiences have shown to be useful.

The following lists try to cover basics, but are not inclusive. There are multiple suggestions under several categories, and it is intended that the patron will select those items which best fit his or her situation. Not all items will apply to all people. An inexpensive canvas bag could carry the items you need. If nothing else, let the lists serve as memory-joggers for that next fact-finding journey.

When Visiting Archives, Libraries, and Town Halls


Informational Needs

When Visiting Cemeteries

Prepared by the History and Genealogy Unit, Connecticut State Library, 11-96.